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About Us

Family Owned and Operated Business

The Flower Box Florists have been member of Interflora flower services since 1975 and can arrange delivery of flowers almost any time & anywhere throughout the world.

The florist first started delivering flowers in 1952 in Bundaberg when Anne & David Moller had just married. We used to grow many of our flowers in Bundaberg, but now many of our flowers are grown near Gin Gin. There are so many different flowers now used in our Floral studios in Bundaberg that we also relay on local and intra state flowers growers to keep our supply of flowers fresh. We use refrigerated transport from the farms to our door for same day delivery so that you have the freshest flowers possible. Anne left us, passing away in august 2010 leaving a huge hole to fill. David took a well earned rest after over half a century at the helm.

Karen Takes The Reins

Now Karen, Anne and David's daughter in law, from a proud Gin Gin upbringing, since 16 years of age and now with over 40 years experience in the florist ably charts future direction of the business with Jennifer giving her inspirations to bettering the style of flowers we deliver to meet the needs in 21st century.

Next Up, Jennifer

Jennifer joined our Team to make third generation florist. The youthful exuberance is expressed in her creative and modern styles of floristry. Creating traditional flower presentations or excitingly modern and outrageous, are just as interesting.

Along Came Molly

In May of 2011, Jennifer brought Molly into the world, who now entertains adjoining shop owners and the many clients as they arrive instore in Bundaberg CBD... Seeing her apply skills on the iPhone and iPad continues to amaze as she grows, where will Molly be when she is 20?

Making It Extra Special

Throughout the season the flower selection changes immensley. Simply by adding our own collection of beautiful gift wrapped Cadbury specialty chocolates and special ocassion baloons. Choose from timber containers, glass or pottery vases and create a special gift to suprise someone and have the memory emblazed in their mind for a long time to come. We can create a picture perfect arrangment to suit every occasion thinkable.

Innovative Thinking

More recently we have developed the first iPhone and iPad florist apps available for download on iTunes. This we believe is the way of the future as we find ourselves in need of time and scurry to fit everything into our days. Now services like Facebook fills our lives and is a whole new innovation to master to place the business in front of an ever increasing audience.

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