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Special Advice to look after your Flowers ..... so you can make every Ocassion a HAPPY1

Clean Vases - Clean Water - Clean Stems....

* All containers should be thoroughly cleaned (Fill with a solution of water and bleach and leave to soak for several hours after every use)

* Refill with clean water, adding a quantity of "Flower Food" (If none available, a teaspoon each of bleach and sugar, dissolved in warm water, will help)

* Remove all foliage that would otherwise be below the water level

* Recut each stem at an acute angle with a sharp knife and place into the vase immediately

* Avoid placing your flowers near air conditioners, fans, heaters, in a draught or direct sunlight

Remember, changing the water and recutting the stems every few days will extend the life of your flowers

Baskets & Arrangements......

If your flowers arrive already arranged in florists foam it is important that the container is topped up daily with fresh water.

Bouquets and Posies.....

It is not necessary to untie your flowers. They have already been arranged, ready to place in a vase.


Should a rose start to droop at the head, re-cut the stem, and place heads together, wrap in paper then stand in deep water for an hour or more.

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